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University of Illinois Office of Governmental Relations
February 1, 2016: State Relations Update
State of the State

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's second State of the State address dominated the headlines on Wednesday.  During the speech, the governor continued to emphasize the structural reforms that his administration has continued to advocate for over the last year.  In addition, the governor called for a transformation of state government that included: pension reform, education reform, procurement reform, and criminal justice reform.  

The 35-minute speech also included a new economic development initiative that would create a new public-private partnership designed to boost the state's business climate. The governor pledged to work with all parties and both sides of the aisle on the state budget and his agenda.

The Democrats responded calling on the governor to focus on the state budget and not his agenda.

MAP Bill

On Thursday, the Senate concurred with the House on  SB 2043 (Burke), which appropriated $721 million for the Monetary Award Program (MAP) and community college programs. The roll call for the House was 67-42-6 and the roll call for the Senate was  36-12-3

The Governor's Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) opposes the measure signaling that the bill would add $721 million to the deficit, increase the bill backlog by the same and delay payments to providers, vendors, and contractors.  The Governor is expected to veto the bill.  

Next Session Days

Both the House and Senate will return to session on Wednesday, February 10, and Thursday, February 11.  

President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak to the General Assembly on February 10.  This marks the first time in nearly 38 years that a sitting president will address the G.A.  

Illinois Coaltion to Invest in Higher Education

The University of Illinois has taken the lead in organizing a new coalition to invest in higher education. The coalition includes all public universities, private universities, community colleges, labor unions, business, and municipalities in collaboration with Illinois higher education stakeholders and partners. The goal of the coalition is to illustrate to decision makers that state support is paramount to our efforts to provide a quality education to a growing number of students and economic vitalization throughout the state.

The coalition objectives include: passage of a FY16 Higher Education budget for students and the institutions they hope to continue attending; to identify value proposition that Higher Education brings to the state; to cultivate positive relationships and champions around the state; to create policy to be efficient and successful in supporting students, faculty, and staff.

The coalition hosted a kick off press conference in the state capitol on January 20th. The participants will follow up with regional press conferences to be held throughout the state, leading up to the Governor’s Budget Address on February 17th.


The Senate and House members will both will be introducing legislation in the coming weeks. The Office of Government Relations will be following the following bill review protocol:    

  • OGR reviews each bill as introduced
  • Once reviewed, bills that affect the University are flagged and then sent to appropriate department/issue lead for review
  • Create a list of bills to present to the President that the University should weigh in on and take a position on
  • If we take a position, OGR will with legislative staff and the bill sponsors to make sure they know our position and act in our favor
  • OGR sends a weekly legislative report to the BOT and others that includes a legislative bill report stating where each bill that we are tracking is in the legislative process
  • Bills listed by subject matter can be found on the State Relations website under Resources

State Relations Weekly Legislation Report

2016 State Relations' Events, Save the Date
  • 2/8-2/16: Coalition regional press conferences
  • 2/16: U of I Legislative Game Watch with Dee Brown at DH Brown’s
  • 2/17: Governor Budget Address
  • 2/10: President Obama to address the General Assembly
  • 3/2: UIS in government breakfast
  • 3/2: Student Lobby Day
  • 3/2: Dinner with the Latino Caucus
  • 3/3: Breakfast with the IL Legislative Black Caucus
  • 3/17: Senate Appropriations hearing
  • 4/12: Dinner with UI Caucus hosted by UIAA
  • Alumni and student visits to the Capitol during session
    •    4/13, 4/30
  • 5/18: Alumni Lobby Day
  • 5/18: Alumni in Government event
  • Alumni and student visits to the Capitol during session
    •    5/4, 5/11, 5/25
99th General Assembly 2016 Legislative Calendar

Illinois State Senate 2016 calendar

Illinois House of Representatives 2016 calendar

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