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Issue 6 | November 2015

Projects approved during most recent review cycle

Provide students, faculty, and staff the ability to designate and use a preferred first name in enterprise systems (ITPC-0519)

Many individuals on campus have a desire to be known by a preferred first name instead of their legal first name in the classroom or workplace by their instructors, peers, and colleagues. There have been requests from all three campuses to allow students, faculty, and staff to indicate a preferred first name and have that name used in various systems. This project will implement the preferred first name feature using the requirements developed as part of ITPC-0480.  It will focus on preferred first name in HR, Student, and iCard enterprise systems.   Gender pronoun and professional name is out of scope of this project as this feature will be provided in a future release of BANNER XE.  Expected benefits: Support strategic goals and plans of all three campuses | Promote environment of respect, inclusiveness, and civility | Improve services to students, faculty, and staff

Maintain and upgrade the Student BANNER mission critical system (ITPC-0520)

This project will upgrade the Banner Student module, Self-service modules, and XE foundational releases and modules, and the Application Manager. Additional releases will be analyzed once released and a final determination will be made on whether or not to include them as part of this project.  Upgrading these modules will allow the University to meet regulatory changes in a timely manner and keep our core mission critical student business processes up to date. Expected benefits: Required upgrade to core administrative technology| Maintains stable environment for critical student business processes

Improve and enhance President’s website (ITPC-0518) 

This project will redesign the primary UI System & President’s Website ( at his request to provide a new contemporary look and feel, as well as organize around key messages and data priorities. The site will include interactive and easy to use data visualizations demonstrating the university’s impact in the state of Illinois and beyond, and information about the University of Illinois, the President’s office, or University Administration. The UI System & President’s Website was last redesigned in 2012.

Upcoming deadlines

1 Feb 2016:  Proposals due for Feb XFG meeting

16 Feb 2016: Revisions to proposals due for ITPC meeting

1 Mar 2016:  Large project proposal submission deadline