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May 2020


Performance data and reports
 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

Detailed performance information and reports are available on the ITPC Reports and Newsletters web page at https://www.itpc.uillinois.edu/reports_and_newsletters/

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Upcoming deadlines

July 27th is the deadline for having project proposals approved by the appropriate subcommittee and submitted to AJ for Cross-Functional Review.

Recently approved projects during May ITPC meeting

ITPC-0619 Implement Parent Proxy in Banner Link to proposal

Sponsors: Bill Patterson, Gloria Keeley, Rodney Hoewing, Donna Butler, Mike Kamowski, Rob Dixon, Chris Sayre 

Total hours: 524| AITS Hours: 444 | Full Cost:  $27,708  | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

Implement the capabilities for Students to grant/facilitate viewing of their 1098-T, Student Schedule & Student Grades pages in Banner Student Self-Service to alternative designated emails (Parents/Sponsors). Students will be able to easily be able to turn on and off this feature.

Expected Benefits: Parents, and other Student designated email accounts, would have the capability to view the Student’s 1098-T, Student Schedule & Student Grades page as they are available to the Student | Access to this information directly will alleviate staff from responding to a volume of queries from Parents regarding tax information, Student Schedule and Student Grades | OBFS and Student Offices will find the tracked call volume for 1098-T assistance to be less

ITPC-0620 Security Application Replacement Link to proposal

Sponsors: Kelly Block, Gloria Keeley

Total hours: 22,882 | AITS Hours: 19,892| Full Cost:  $1,402,944 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $269,100

This project will build, integrate, & deploy an AITS Security Application to replace the existing, homegrown product that has reached its limits of effectiveness. The AITS analysis project team completed a full examination of the current process that aided in the evaluation of a solution recommendation. The final recommendation to the U of I AITS Leadership was to utilize the existing midPoint application architecture as a backend to meet the existing business needs & allow for additional functionality and future growth. In addition, a governance structure & standard processes for integration will be set up.

Expected Benefits: UX improvement for all who use the SecApp | Time savings for requestor due to a single request system | Streamline profiles

ITPC-0621 Data Warehouse and BI Architecture Replacement Analysis Link to proposal

Sponsors: Kelly Block, Nyle Bolliger, Dimuthu Tilakaratne

Total hours: 1,120 | AITS Hours: 880 | Full Cost:  $87,360 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $30,000

Collaboratively investigate next generation solutions to facilitate streamlined and integrated data analytics to enable actionable insights from data, in support of our staff and faculty coming together to provide an extraordinary learning and discovery environment for our students and community.

The solutions investigated will include:

Data visualization and delivery platforms, Data Migration (ETL or ELT) solutions, Data Virtualization, Data Architecture (Database, Data Lakes, Storage, etc.), Cloud hosted options

Expected Benefits: Recommendation for implementation of tools | System office project proposal and implementation plans

ITPC-0622 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Implementation  Link to proposal

Sponsors: Avijit Ghosh, Kelly Block, Brent Rasmus, Nyle Bolliger

Total hours: 2,920 | AITS Hours: 2,510 | Full Cost:  $447,902 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

AITS will implement a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.  RPA provides for the creation of software sometimes referred to as “Bots”.  Bots act as a virtual employee performing tasks that access existing systems across an organization and complete tasks previously performed by humans. Some of these use cases include things like invoice processing.  The initial implementation will include leveraging the RPA vendor’s profession services to build up to 10 Bots or automated processes

Expected Benefits: Potential automation of numerous tasks and processes at the University, providing shortened cycle times for business processes, improving customer service, and allowing resources to be redirected towards other priorities.

ITPC-0623 Implementation of Job Description Maintenance Application   Link to proposal

Sponsors: Jami Painter, Michael Ginsburg, Elyne Cole, Melissa Mlynski, Nick Haubach

Total hours: 849 | AITS Hours: 370 | Full Cost:  $135,140 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $99,680

The University of Illinois System is subject to the Illinois State Universities Civil Service Act, which regulates employment.  Institutions are required to have a process to review staff job descriptions in order to classify the position as one of the civil service job classifications or determine the position is exempt from civil service. This project will implement software that will allow for a central repository across the University of Illinois System for job descriptions.

Expected Benefits: Allow the University of Illinois System to maintain job descriptions in a central repository | Optimize the recruiting & hiring processes through enhanced technology | Efficiencies to be gained by integration with Banner & the new Applicant Tracking System

ITPC-0624 System Data Website –Data Visualization  Link to proposal

Sponsors: Tim Killeen, Kelly Block, Tom Hardy, Kirsten Ruby, Sandy Street, Barb Wilson

Total hours: 1,071| AITS Hours: 338 | Full Cost:  $42,417 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

This project will update the University Data page. Building upon the existing foundation available on the page we have the opportunity to expand on the message we share and highlight additional areas of impact that are important to the university and broader community. It includes the creation of new narrative pages for the System, each University, and Healthcare, new dashboards on Advancement, Healthcare, and Financial Aid, and updates to existing dashboards with Fall 2019 data.

Expected Benefits: Show the value we add to the local and global community by describing the impact of the University of Illinois System | Being transparent with the management of our resources and achievements builds trust with our constituents, advancing the goals and mission of the university

Mandatory / regulatory projects reviewed in May review cycle

ITPC-0610 Maintain & Upgrade the Banner mission critical system (Fall 2020 Upg)  Link to proposal

Sponsors: Chris Newman, Stephanie Dable

Total hours:  3,194 | AITS Hours: 3,194 | Full Cost:  $182,058 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $182,058

The Oracle Banner databases need to be upgraded to 19c due to premium support for our current version,, ending in November 2020. We must upgrade before that time in order to remain supported by the vendor. In addition, upgrading Banner and keeping it current with the most recent releases will allow the University to meet regulatory changes in a timely manner and keep current with the most up-to-date patches & enhancements of our administrative systems’ software.

Expected Benefits: Allow us to stay current on all regulatory updates as well as receive any new patches or fixes

ITPC-0611 HRFE/PARIS Maintenance(FY21)  Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Stephanie Dable

Total hours:  2,350 | AITS Hours: 2,350 | Full Cost:  $133,950 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $80,028

After the implementation of the Banner HR/Pay module in December 2003, there was a notable increase in work effort associated with processing HR/Pay transactions. In 2005, ITPC approved the creation of an HR Front End (HRFE) application to streamline data collection and improve employee satisfaction with the Banner HR systems. The resulting system is now used by the University of Illinois HR offices to process more than 120,000 HR transactions per year and approximately 50,000 prior underpayment adjustments (through its Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS)). Ongoing maintenance of these systems will help ensure the continued efficient operations of the HR offices and University Payroll and Benefits. This project will provide the resources and structure for providing this maintenance.

Expected benefits: Maintains critical HR and Payroll systems | Ensures efficient and error free processing of over 170,000 transactions per year

ITPC-0612 Maintain quality of services to ~78,000 students (Nelnet maint. FY21)   Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Erin Wheet

Total hours:  1,099 | AITS Hours: 669 | Full Cost:  $228,584| Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

The University of Illinois uses the Nelnet Business Solutions’ (NBS) QuikPay product to accept electronic payments and display real-time account activity for students and parents.  This system processes over 260,000 transactions per year with a total of approximately $600 million.  This project will provide the resources for evaluating and accepting the regularly scheduled upgrades by the NBS vendor.

Expected benefits: Maintains quality of student services | Manages impact to the approximately 78,000 student users of the Nelnet system

ITPC-0613 Ensure continued efficient processing of contracts (iCS Maint. FY21)   Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Ginger Velazquez

Total hours:  950 | AITS Hours: 575 | Full Cost:  $147,764 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

The University of Illinois uses the Gimmal product to develop and route all University payable, receivable and no-fund contracts.  Gimmal also serves as the official Board of Trustees (BOT) repository for all University contracts.  This project will provide the resources required for the routine upgrades of Gimmal and the related Documentum server and software.  Please note that we cannot elaborate on the scope of changes to the application until upgrade release notes and patch release notes are available from the vendor.

 Expected benefits: Maintains quality of services to BOT and approximately 700 users| Ensures the University’s ability to process contracts in a timely manner and remain in compliance with State of Illinois laws that require filing of certain contracts with the State of Illinois Comptroller’s Office and the Secretary of State.

ITPC-0614 Ensure efficient and accurate reimbursements (TEM Maint. for FY21)   Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Jim Martinie, Brent Rasmus

Total hours:  295 | AITS Hours: 195 | Full Cost:  $96,015 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

The Infor/Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system is the University application for managing Tcard transactions and employee expense reports. This project is to keep the Infor system (TEM) supported by the vendor and maintained. This system provides a mechanism for the University units to request reimbursements for travel and other expenses.

 Expected benefits: Required upgrades and maintenance to core travel and expense management system | Maintains stable environment for critical financial business processes for all campus units | Ensures continued efficient and accurate processing of travel reimbursements for UI Faculty and Staff (approximately 28K users)

ITPC-0615 Maintain system necessary for strategic sourcing (iBuy Maint FY21)  Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Gloria Keeley

Total hours:  655 | AITS Hours: 620 | Full Cost:  $30,000 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $1,050

In 2006, the University of Illinois introduced the iBuy platform for strategic sourcing.   This application provides units with a convenient requisitioning and catalog shopping application, and has provided the opportunity for annual savings of $6 million.  The iBuy platform is a Jaggaer hosted application and regular upgrades are scheduled by the vendor.  This project will secure the resources for evaluating and accepting each of these upgrades.

Expected benefits: Maintains systems necessary to continue over $6 million in annual savings | Manages impact to the 7,137 iBuy system users

ITPC-0616 Maintain password manager & 2FA for ~200,000 users (IAM Maint. FY21)  Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Kelly Block, Joe Barnes, Ed Zawacki, Tulio Llosa

Total hours:  12,000 | AITS Hours: 12,000 | Full Cost:  $684,000 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

There are several critical features that remain to be implemented from the previous IAM project (ITPC-0375): Affiliate Support Application, Complete the UIC External Affiliations, Retire the EAS Database, XAS Replacement

This project will also cover the hours for identified priorities, unknown bug fixes and requested enhancements which come up over the year.

Expected Benefits: These identified updates will protect users of enterprise-wide applications | Maintain stable systems for ~200,000 users to manage their password and login in using 2FA

ITPC-0617 START myResearch Maintenance, Upgrade, and Enhancements (FY21)   Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Stephanie Dable

Total hours:  11,590 | AITS Hours: 9,840 | Full Cost:  $805,135 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

This maintenance proposal is for ongoing support and maintenance of existing internally developed and open source research administration applications necessary for researchers, business managers, and research administrators to manage research proposals and awards across the University of Illinois System.

Expected Benefits: The START myResearch suite of applications aim to reduce burden for faculty and staff by modernizing and streamlining the tools that support the University research enterprise | Ensure continued reliability and continuous improvements to aid in the success of research faculty, students, and research administration staff across the University System.

ITPC-0618 FY21 Annual Financial Aid Regulatory Changes   Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Brian Mandel, Jerry Joseph, Bambie Roy

Total hours:  1,685| AITS Hours: 1,300 | Full Cost:  $85,650 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

This project enables AITS and the campus Financial Aid offices to remain in compliance with federal and state requirements as well as provide timely and accurate financial aid awards.   Non-compliance with these regulations puts the University at risk of losing its eligibility to participate in Title IV Federal Aid programs.  In addition, non-timely award disbursement to students will impact payments received by the University for tuition, housing, and other fees. 

Expected benefits: Reduces risk due to non-compliance | Maintains timely and accurate processing of financial aid | Maintains systems critical to the University and its current and future students

Complete proposals are available on the ITPC website at https://www.itpc.uillinois.edu/approved_proposals