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Week in Review
FY 2016 Budget

The state budget picture for the new fiscal year continues to be at a stalemate. The General Assembly and the Governor remain far apart in how to address the budget. The Illinois House and Senate have both held one-day sessions in Springfield on each Tuesday in June, but the budget situation has not been debated. The FY15 budget will expire at the end of the month. The deadline to pass a budget for FY16 is June 30.

University of Illinois Faculty Participate in Senate Committee of the Whole

On June 16th, the Illinois Senate held a hearing of the committee of the whole on college affordability. Dr. Jennifer Delaney, a professor at Education Policy, Organization & Leadership on the Urbana campus, testified on the economic development benefits of obtaining a post-secondary degree.

On June 23rd, the Illinois Senate will hold a committee of the whole hearing to discuss the effect of a minimum wage increase and the impact of paid sick leave. Dr. Marc Doussard, a professor in Urban and Regional Planning in Urbana, has been invited to testify on minimum wage and paid sick leave.

Budget Bills

The budget was passed in the final days of May in the form of more than a dozen appropriations bills. Each bill contained money for a complex patchwork of state agencies. Senate Democrats begin sending budget bills to Governor. The office of Senate President John Cullerton started sending appropriations bills representing parts of the FY16 budget to Governor Bruce Rauner this week for his signature or veto. The governor has said he will not sign any appropriations until income questions have been addressed.

Taken as a whole, the budget that passed the General Assembly was more than $3.5 billion out of balance. These bills began to be sent to the Governor on last week. HB 3763, HB 4146, HB 4166, and SB 2030 were the first four bills to be sent. They cover K-12 education, higher education, and MAP grants. HB4147 HFA1, the University of Illinois budget, has not yet been sent.

President Killeen and the Office of Governmental Relations are continuing to monitor the situation and work in partnership with members of the General Assembly and the Governor’s office to protect the University of Illinois. 

University of Illinois Legislative Report

The 2015 State Legislative Report are bills that we worked on and would specifically impact the University.  Bills continue to be sent to the Governor. If you have any questions on a specific piece of legislation, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Government Relations for more information.

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