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April 2019


Performance data and reports
 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

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May 6th is the deadline for having project proposals approved by the appropriate subcommittee and submitted to AJ for Cross Functional Review.

Recently approved projects during February and March Large ITPC meeting

ITPC-0588 Extract and provide capital and non-capital contract data into B2GNow to allow for diversity tracking Link to proposal

Sponsors: Gloria Keeley, Mike Bass, Sharla Roberts, Sean Reeder, Ginger Velazquez

Total hours: 1,050  | System Office IT hours: 930 | Full Cost: $56,610  | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

This project will provide Capital Programs and Illinois Contract System (iCS) data that can be imported into the B2GNow application to allow for diversity tracking. The process of extracting Capital Programs data and providing it to the vendor has been completed. An automated process to provide monthly changes to the vendor will be created. In order to provide the vendor all data it requires, new fields will need to be added to the iCS application. Data from these new fields will be loaded into the data warehouse where it will be available for extraction. The iCS data will be provided to B2GNow for load into the vended system in the same manner as the Capital Programs data.  

Expected benefits:  Enables the Office of Procurement Diversity to utilize B2GNow to track and report on diversity spend | Automate process to identify contacts with diversity goals

ITPC-0589 Maintain and Upgrade the Banner mission critical system (Fall 2019 Banner Upgrade) Link to proposal

Sponsors: Stephanie Dable, Brian Schoudel

Total hours: 17,125 | System Office IT hours: 12,525 | Full Cost: $861,275 | Requested ITPC Funds: $481,709

This project will upgrade all modules of Banner Administrative forms, analyze and install new Banner 9 self-service applications, upgrade existing Banner 8.x self-service modules, perform the latest Banner Database Upgrade, and install Banner Ethos & related APIs. Upgrading Banner and keeping it current with the most recent releases will allow us to meet regulatory changes in a timely manner and keep current with the most up to date patches and enhancements of our administrative systems’ software. Ellucian delivers patches and enhancements on the most current versions of each module therefore it is important that we stay up to date in order to resolve issues and take advantage of new functionality.

Expected benefits:  Improve integration capabilities | Allow us to stay current on all regulatory updates as well as receive any new patches or fixes

ITPC-0590 Ensure continued effective IT portfolio management and IT activity visibility by upgrading Clarity Link to proposal

Sponsors:  AJ Lavender, Cynthia Cobb

Total hours: 616 | System Office IT hours: 506 | Full Cost: $27,720 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

This project will upgrade the current version of Clarity 15.1 in use by UIC ACCC, UIS ITS, AITS, OBFS BIS, UI Foundation, UICoMP, HRIS, and CPRD to CA PPM 15.5.1.  The CA product provides visibility into IT activities through time tracking and reporting, ensures IT project success through consistent project management, and facilitates ongoing project prioritization and governance.  As CA has announced that the support for our current version will end on April 30 2019, we need to upgrade in order to stay covered under CA support and continue providing effective portfolio management and reporting as well as take advantages of recently added enhancements.

Expected benefits:  Continued visibility into IT activities at key central IT units including AITS and ACCC.  Continued excellence in project execution and support for governance.  Reduction in labor to support existing and rollout to new Clarity clients. 

ITPC-0591 Enhancements to Annual Fiscal Control Reporting Process Link to proposal

Sponsors:  Brent Rasmus, Jason Bane

Total hours: 610 | System Office IT hours: 540 | Full Cost: $32,880 | Requested ITPC Funds:  $0

Fiscal Control and Internal Auditing Act, FCIAA, is a yearly-required process where departments have to report their Fiscal Controls and determine plans for correcting any deficiencies.  After conferring with end users after the annual process it was determined the need for processes improvements to increase the efficiency of filling out the FCIAA form.  This project will improve the annual Fall FCIAA reporting process by making enhancements to reporting, notification, designation process and audit review.

Expected Benefits: Improved reporting of annual fiscal control | Ensure list of submitters and approvers is correct prior to the start of process | Reduce the amount of time it takes to fill out the form

ITPC-0592 Identify and Implement an Enterprise Applicant Tracking Solution to improve hire process and recruit top candidates) Link to proposal

Sponsor:  Jami Painter, Michael Gingsburg, Elyne Cole, Melissa Mylnski, Nick Haubach

Total hours: 9,575 | AITS Hours: 4,025 | Full Cost: $1,000,925| Requested ITPC Funds: $605,000

This project will identify and implement an enterprise applicant tracking system to allow the University of Illinois to successfully recruit and hire top candidates, which is essential for the success of the University of Illinois System. In 2008, a vended application HireTouch Applicant Tracking System was implemented, but over the past 1.5 years we have experienced significant system instability, poor customer service, data exposure, and an outdated user experience. The system instability has a huge negative impact on recruiting, and reflects poorly on the University of Illinois branding. This costs the University of Illinois System significant time, money, reputation and ultimately candidates.

Expected benefits:  Improve the candidate experience and strengthen our employer brand to increase application rates | Improve efficiency of staff involved in search process | Save time and money lost due to system downtime and manual activities

ITPC-0593 Improve University of Illinois System procurement source-to-pay process  Link to proposal

Sponsors: Gloria Keely, Michael Bass, Avijit Ghosh, Janet Parker, Jerry Joseph, Mike DeLorenzo, Brent Rasmus, Kelly Block

Total hours: 37,600 | AITS hours: 18,730 | Full Cost:  $2,308,710| Requested ITPC Funds: $675,000

During Phases one, two, and three of a Source2Pay business process improvement (BPI) project, extensive process analysis, peer review, and vendor assessment activities occurred.  The outcome of that BPI initiative is the current proposal which recommends work focused on procurement source to pay activities continue with the following areas of focus: 

  1. Implementation of an iBuy Optimization effort
  2. Implementations of the Total Contract Manager module
  3. Implementation of a Procurement Portal
  4. Implementation of a Travel Reimbursement solution
  5. Implementation of a Card Program solution

An additional analysis component (not included in this proposal will evaluate and implement policy and process changes that were identified in the original analysis and are not dependent on software to implement.

Expected benefits:  Better access to price comparison and product information that will allow staff to leverage best cost options | Greater efficiencies and reduced costs resulting from an integrated procure to pay solution | Improved ease of processing reimbursement requests and shorter cycle time to receive reimbursements

Summary sheets and the complete proposals are available on the ITPC website at