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September 2018


Performance data and reports
 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

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Upcoming deadlines

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October 29th is the deadline for having project proposals approved by the appropriate subcommittee and submitted to AJ for Cross Functional Review.

Recently reviewed projects during August ITPC meeting

 ITPC-0580 Phase 1 changes needed from AITS due to the acquisition of John Marshall Law School (JMLS) by UIC Link to proposal

Sponsors: Susan Poser, Cynthia Herrera-Lindstrom, Kelly Block

Total hours: 540 | System Office IT hours: 540 | Full Cost: $30,780 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

UIC will be acquiring John Marshall Law School (JMLS).  This includes all students, courses, staff, faculty, real estate, and everything else associated with JMLS.  In order to make this happen, a phased approach will be necessary for students.  The admissions process will begin in fall 2019 for classes in fall 2020.  For fall 2019, classes and Financial Aid will continue to be handled out of the JMLS system.  Starting fall 2020, new students will begin taking classes and financial aid will be processed in Banner and other UIC administrative systems.  All employees will need to be hired into UIC and handled by the Banner system for HR and Payroll purposes as of fall 2019.  All Financial activity will also need to be handled by the Banner (and other UIC administrative systems) as of fall 2019. This proposal will cover all the work that needs to be done by July 1, 2019. The exact scope of that work is still not fully known due to critical decisions still being discussed. NOTE: This project only reflects the hours needed from System Office.

Expected Benefits: Enterprise applications ready to accept the needs of the new JMLS students and staff | AITS staff will assist in needed areas to help the process move effectively and efficiently


ITPC-0581 Assist Oracle users/application owners with password updates to meet new password standards  Link to proposal

Sponsors: Nyle Bolliger

Total hours: 1,086| System Office IT hours: 1,086| Full Cost: $78,045 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

We are currently in the process of upgrading to Oracle 12c. With this upgrade, it introduced new password rules. We were able to create a workaround to allow non-case sensitive passwords to still work. Starting with the Oracle 18 to be released next year, these workarounds will no longer work requiring all applications and users to update their passwords. This project is working with all users and application owners to upgrade their Oracle passwords in preparation for this change. We will be using the IAM password rules to create consistency. 

Expected Benefits: Create password consistency by using IAM password rules | Stay compliant with security | Start password change process with plenty of lead time to ensure no loss of access

Summary sheets and the complete proposals are available on the ITPC website at