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September 2017


Performance data and reports
 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

Detailed performance information and reports are available on the ITPC Reports and Newsletters web page at

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Upcoming deadlines

ITPC review meetings and deadlines have been posted on the ITPC web page:

November 6th is the deadline for having project proposals approved by the appropriate subcommittee and submitted to AJ for Cross Functional Review.

Recently approved projects during August ITPC meeting

ITPC-0560 Use student interaction data to improve student recruiting, admissions, and communication activities (Add Slate interaction data into the EDW Link to proposal

Sponsors: Mike Kamowski, Katherine Kleeman, Thomas Skottene
Total hours: 1,980| System Office IT hours: 1,650 | Full Cost: $$103,950| Requested ITPC Funds: $0

Slate is a student recruiting, admissions, and relationship management system that is being implemented at all three universities.   This project will add interaction data from Slate into the data warehouse to allow a complete analysis of recruiting and admissions activities and how these activities impact the full student lifecycle.


ITPC-0558 My UI Financials Phase 3 Link to proposal

Sponsors: Patrick Patterson, Gloria Keeley
Total hours: 3,517 | System Office IT hours: 2,967 | Full Cost: $194,214 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

My-UI-Financials is a University-wide system that provides financial information in an easy-to-access dashboard format to faculty, principal investigators (PIs), administrators, and other staff.  During March, 2017, the My-UI-Financials project team interviewed approximately 40 users to gather ideas for enhancing My-UI-Financials. This project will implement some of those enhancement requests such as displaying transactions that cross multiple fiscal years and allowing users to assign and report on roles from the My UI Financials interface. This project will also create training materials for non-business users.

Expected benefits:  Increased adoption of My-UI-Financials will simplify financial information distribution processes and provide paper and labor savings

Summary sheets and the complete proposals are available on the ITPC website at