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Community Series Presentation 
UIC Community Series Recap: "Emotional Intelligence"

The Business Process Improvement (BPI) Shared Service held its second Community Series event on February 7, 2017 at the College of Dentistry in Lecture Hall South on West Campus. The seminar topic was "Emotional Intelligence" and was presented by Candice Solomon-Strutz, Assistant Director for IT Planning in AITS. The presentation was geared towards professionals in higher education, specifically how "our success and the success of the academia today depend on our ability to build strong relationships, think calmly, and solve problems while under pressure." The 43 attendees engaged in group discussions and role playing, and shared their own experiences throughout the interactive session.

The next UIC Community Series seminar topic, Tableau and EDDIE/Data Warehouse, is scheduled for June 20. Check out the BPI Community Series website for more information about this seminar, including details about the seminar's schedule and how to register.

Get Involved with Source2Pay
 Project Schedule for Source2Pay

The Source2Pay BPI project team is preparing for their third cycle of analyzing purchasing and payment processes using the BPI methodology. The goals of this project are to reduce total cost, complete purchases/payments faster, and improve customer service. To date, seven processes have been reviewed and four are in progress.
In March we will start reviewing three more processes:

  • Contract Processing
  • Post Execution Contract Management
  • Receiving Products and Services

Here are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Be a Subject Matter Expert.
  2. Participate in a Customer Focus Group.
  3. Submit your feedback using the online form at the bottom of the web page.

Source2Pay Project Team:

Use BPI Tools and Templates for Your Next Process Improvement Project

The BPI Shared Service strives to provide high-quality instruction about our methodology and equip you with tools to help you run process improvement projects within your unit. Please visit our methodology toolkit, where we've shared templates and how-tos for many of the process improvement tools used by our project facilitators.

One of these tools is the Affinity Diagram. The Affinity Diagram can be a useful accompaniment to brainstorming activities, which typically occur during the Assess phase of BPI's RAPID methodology. Its purpose is to group facts, opinions, and other relevant points into related categories to uncover themes or help to clarify a complex scenario.

Find out more about Affinity Diagrams including a downloadable how-to guide and template at our methodology toolkit.

Affinity Diagram 
Training Opportunities and More

All regularly scheduled training opportunities are offered at no cost to University of Illinois employees or their unit.

March 7 Chicago campus Facilitation Skills training session: register
May 11 Chicago campus Lean Concepts training session: register
May 23 Chicago campus Facilitation Skills training session: register