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Issue 10 | September 2016



New ITPC project proposal templates are available.  Please use these versions for the November review cycle.

  • Level 1 proposal, for projects with total budgets between $20,000 and $100,000 or involving between 250 and 850 hours of effort.
  • Level 2 proposal, for projects with total budgets between $100,000 and $250,000 or involving 850 to 5,000 hours of effort.
  • Level 3 proposal, for projects with total budgets greater than $250,000 or involving greater than 5,000 hours of effort.
  • Mandatory project proposal, for regulatory, maintenance, and mandated projects of all levels.
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 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

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Customer requested projects approved during August review cycle

ITPC-0541 Provide system enhancements to help ensure continued efficient operations of HR offices and University Payroll and Benefits (aka HRFE/PARIS enhancements) Link to proposal

Sponsors: Tony Kerber, Natalie Taylor, Stephanie Haas, Deb Stone, Elyne Cole, Angela Yudt, Ken Scott, Michael Ginsburg, Jim Davito, Kassaundra Hester
Total hours: 4,192| AITS hours: 2,382 | Full Cost: $161,940| Requested ITPC Funds: $0

The HRFE and PARIS systems are used by the University of Illinois HR offices to process more than 120,000 HR transactions per year and approximately 50,000 prior underpayment adjustments. Ongoing maintenance and enhancements of these systems ensure the continued efficient operations of the HR offices and University Payroll and Benefits.  This project will provide the resources and structure for providing a set of enhancements prioritized by the HRFE/PARIS steering team.  Implementing these enhancements will provide a better user experience in both applications, increase transaction efficiency and quality, and remove the need for at least two UPB databases that currently administer the process for the separation and EGC payments.  In addition, the change request “8575 -  PARIS - New Module for processing Award payment adjustments” will resolve gaps in the award payment process.  Enhancements that are not implemented as part of this project will be considered for a future proposal.  Expected benefits: Maintains and provides prioritized enhancements to critical HR and Payroll systems | Ensures efficient and error free processing of over 170,000 transactions per year

ITPC-0544 My UI Financials Enhancements Link to proposal

Sponsors: Patrick Patterson, Gloria Keeley
Total hours: 4,752 | UA IT hours: 3,868| Full Cost: $200,580 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

My-UI-Financials is a University-wide system that provides financial information in an easy to access dashboard format to faculty, principal investigators (PIs), administrators and other staff based on the user’s role. This project will implement end user requested enhancements such as functionality/data for self-supporting and service funds and the ability to export to MS Excel.  Expected benefits: Improve services to campus units with self-supporting funds | Improve reporting services to faculty and staff | Provide labor and printing cost savings estimated at 2.6M over 5 years

Mandatory / regulatory projects reviewed in August review cycle

ITPC-0537 Analysis for mission critical HR Payroll system architecture upgrade (aka HR/payroll transformed forms analysis) Link to proposal

Sponsor: Stephanie Dable, Brian Schoudel
Total hours: 2,785| AITS hours: 2,435 | Full Cost: $120,075| Requested ITPC Funds: $0

This project will assess the impact of Ellucian HR/Payroll transformed forms (HR XE). Performing this initial analysis will reduce risk and help ensure a successful upgrade to the new XE architecture with minimal impact to faculty, students, and staff. Staying current with new releases of the Banner software enables the University to take advantage of new functionality with the potential to increase employees’ efficiency and productivity and ensure the quality of the data in Banner.  Expected benefits: Sets the stage for a required upgrade to core administrative technology| Maintains stable environment for critical HR and Payroll processes

ITPC-0536 Upgrade Student AR and HR mission critical university business systems (aka Banner Fall 2016 upgrade) Link to proposal

Sponsor: Stephanie Dable, Brian Schoudel
Total hours: 5,165| AITS hours: 4,715| Full Cost: $225,675| Requested ITPC Funds: $212,175 for AITS backfill

This project will upgrade the Banner Student, AR, HR & General modules. This project will include both the analysis and implementation of the upgraded modules. Additional releases will be analyzed once released and a final determination will be made on whether or not to include them as part of this project. Upgrading these modules will allow the University to meet regulatory changes in a timely manner and keep our core mission critical business processes up to date. Expected benefits: Required upgrade to core administrative technology| Maintains stable environment for critical business processes.

ITPC-0538 Change existing benefits system to work with new State of Illinois vendor (aka CMS benefits vendor changes) Link to proposal

Sponsor: Kassaundra Hester, Jim Davito
Total hours: 3,560| AITS hours: 1,500| Full Cost: $130,800| Requested ITPC Funds: $0

The State of Illinois has contracted with a vendor, Morneau Shepell, to provide a central location for all state employees to enroll in and maintain their State of Illinois provided benefits such as health, dental and life insurance. This will go in effect beginning September 1, 2016.  It presents a significant change to the existing University of Illinois benefits systems.  This project will perform the work needed to meet this new requirement, including developing new processes and applications, change existing processes and applications, and decommission those items that are no longer needed. Expected benefits: Meet new mandated State of Illinois Central Management Systems requirements | Ensure continued operation of critical HR and Payroll processes

ITPC-0539 Mandatory SharePoint upgrade Link to proposal

Sponsors: Brian Schoudel, Nyle Bolliger
Total hours: 1,600| AITS hours: 1,600 | Full Cost: $87,800| Requested ITPC Funds: $15,800 for hardware

This project will upgrade our SharePoint Shared Service Environment with the latest software and features. SharePoint 2016 has integration with Office 365/OneDrive which is in use by the Campuses. Moving to SharePoint 2016 will allow our shared service environment to be configured to have enhanced search capabilities with Office365/OneDrive clients. Also we will be unable to take advantage of product improvements in many areas such as social features, and various add-on tools. Expected benefits: Provide increased functionality to UA and Campus SharePoint users | Allow for better integration with Office 365/OneDrive services in use by the campuses

ITPC-0540 Mandatory Business Objects upgrade Link to proposal

Sponsors: Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Michael Wonderlich
Total hours: 1480 | AITS hours: 1480| Full Cost: $75,600 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

Business Objects is an enterprise report development and distribution system, serving approximately 3,600 standard report users with the ability to refresh reports, and approximately 1,500 ad-hoc report users across all campuses and UA. There are approximately 400 published reports and thousands more reports created or modified by individuals to support campus, college and departmental needs. This project will upgrade Business Objects BI Platform to version 4.2. This will resolve issues that have been identified since the XI 4.1 go-live in March 2015 and introduce new features and functionality. Expected benefits: Maintain quality reporting services to approximately 3,600 standard report users and 1,500 ad-hoc report users | Continue to support enterprise decisions with robust reporting tools

ITPC-0542 Analysis to meet new student financial aid regulations involving program of study and repeat courses Link to proposal

Sponsors: Gail Moran, Bambie Roy, Becky Prather
Total hours: 400 | AITS hours: 400| Full Cost: $18,000 | Requested ITPC Funds: $0

This project will explore how to meet two U.S. Department of Education regulations using our existing vended systems.

  • Program of study regulations:   This project will investigate how to retrieve course program of study information from DARwin, and leverage new functionality provided by BANNER.
  • Program integrity retaking a course guidance: This project will investigate using BANNER functionality and retire a complex in-house developed process.

Expected benefits: Will reduce risk due to non-compliance | Analysis required to reduce support effort to meet U.S. DoE regulations by using functionality in existing vended systems. | Necessary step to maintain systems critical to the University and its current and future students

ITPC-0543 Mandatory changes to support Fair Labor Standards Act final ruling (aka FLSA changes) Link to proposal

Sponsors: Jami Painter, Patrick Patterson, Jim Davito
Total hours: 1,795 | UA IT hours: 1,240| Full Cost: $72,450 | Requested ITPC Funds: $55,800 for AITS backfill, $3,000 for updating of UHR supported job aids and online training

This project will implement changes to HRFE, BANNER, and Positive Time Reporting systems to comply with the final ruling on the Fair Labor Standards Act. These changes must be in place by December 1, 2016.  Expected benefits: Will reduce risk of fines due to non-compliance

Upcoming deadlines
  • 28 September 2016: Proposals due for ITPC HR
  • 04 October 2016: Proposals due for BI/PM
  • 21 October 2016: Proposals due for FSC
  • 07 November 2016:  Proposals due for ITPC XFG
  • 23 November 2016:  Revisions to proposals for ITPC due

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